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Houthi Tribesmen Continue to Pose a Risk to Yemen
(Yemen Online) - 2014-09-23
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Sep.22.2014  Houthi tribesmen light up the evening sky with endless gunfire in downtown Sana’a. Everyone is really frightened. The Houthis have moved into the capital, taken over government buildings and a TV station as a show of force to press action from President Hadi. They want a better share of the proposed 6 state solution to new Yemen because they want to group their people together, gain oil resources and also secure access to the sea

Yemen rebels raid army commander house
(Yemen Online) - 2014-09-23
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Sep.22.2014  Houthi rebels in Yemen have raided the houses of a powerful military commander and his allies in the capital Sanaa.The raid on the home of Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, an adviser on defence and security affairs for the president, came a day after the signing of a UN-brokered peace deal between the government and the Shia rebel group

Houthis get huffy
(Yemen Online) - 2014-09-22
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Sep.22,2014  IT IS almost exactly a decade since the death of Hussein al-Houthi, a radical cleric who hoped to revive the Zaydi Shia Islam unique to north Yemen. Mr Houthi left behind a movement that had few followers outside his home province of Saada and a few university students in the capital, Sana’a

Yemen Rebels Gain Concessions From Government After Assault on Capital
(Yemen Online) - 2014-09-22
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  Sep.22,2014    An assault on Yemen’s capital rocked the transitional government on Sunday as fighters from a Shiite rebel group stormed through the city, seizing government buildings, state media facilities and military bases. The military broke apart, some units appeared to side with rebels, and the prime minister abruptly resigned

Yemeni leaders, rebels sign ceasefire calling for new government
(Yemen Online) - 2014-09-22
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Sep.22,2014   Yemen's president, a powerful rebel group and representatives of major political parties signed a ceasefire Sunday, the government announced."The document calls for an immediate ceasefire and ending all forms of violence," the written statement said. "It also calls for the formation of a technocratic national government, which will work to enhance government transparency, implement economic reforms, in addition to continuing military and security

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