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Detention of Yemenia aircraft in Comoros denied
( - 2015-03-01
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- An official source at the Yemenia Airways has denied rumors released in some news websites on the detention of one of the company's aircrafts by the Comorian airport authorities. The Plane arrived to Sana'a International Airport at 11:30 pm after it took off at 12:45 am from Sana'a and headed to Djibouti and from there to Moroni, where it stopped there for fifty minutes to drop off and pick up passengers

Egypt: Only by political consensus, future of Yemen would be built
( - 2015-02-28
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- Egypt has said the future of Yemen would be determined by consensus among the various political parties and without imposing any party his opinion on others by force. In a statement issued on Thursday, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry emphasized the importance of all Yemeni political parties' commitment to continue the political dialogue under the sponsorship of the UN and on the basis of the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanisms, outputs of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC),

Workshop in Sana'a on halting food aid for IDPs
( - 2015-02-26
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- The Executive Unit to manage camps of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) organized on Thursday a workshop on the announcement of stopping food aid for IDPs and finding other projects in their return areas. The workshop aimed to educate the IDPs on halting the monthly food rations they were receiving from the UNHCR and international organizations, especially after the war had stopped in Abyan and Saada provinces and they can now return to their homes

Yemen, UNHCR sign MoU on health services for refugees
( - 2015-02-25
- The Ministry of Public Health and Population and the UNHCR signed on Wednesday a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide health services for refugees and asylum seekers in Yemen. Under the MoU, the refugees and asylum seekers will get preventive and curative services and health support and will benefit from the health programs given by the ministry for AIDS patients

UNSC extends sanctions
( - 2015-02-24
- The UN Security Council adopted on Tuesday a unanimous Resolution No. (2204) extending sanctions on individuals and entities involved in acts threatening peace, security and stability in Yemen which reflects negatively on the political transitional process. Extension of the sanctions will include one extra year up to 26 February 2016

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