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French Nationals with Bombs in Yemen; Ambassador apologizes
(Yemen Post Staff) - 2014-11-05
  Interior Ministry officials told Yemen Post that two French explosives experts contracted by the Yemeni government were arrested by Political Security in Sheba Hotel for the possession of bombs. Yemen's President met with French Ambassador to Yemen on Monday and requested the nationals be released

Houthi leader plays down UN threats to sanction his leaders
(Yemen Post Staff) - 2014-11-05
  Leader of the Houthi Militant Group Abdulmalik Al-Houthi has dismissed threats by the UN Security Council as the UN moves to sanction obstructionists of the transition process in Yemen. "The Security Council and the ten countries sponsoring the transition never scare us because we are very confident and have a spiritual culture and determination," he said in a statement

A failure: Yemeni factions conclude Brussels reconciliation conference
(Yemen Post Staff) - 2014-11-05
  Yemeni factions failed to reach a deal in a reconciliation conference in Brussels whose final statement was expected to lay the groundwork for a new era of national reconciliation. The two-day meeting was attended by representatives from most groups and coincided with aggravating challenges in the country, but a number of top officials were missing

Oil exports fall by 5 million barrels as Yemen attacks on energy infrastructure continue ... ...
(Yemen Post Staff) - 2014-11-05
  Yemen's oil exports dropped during the period from January to August this year compared to the same period last year as the country continues to suffer from repeated attacks on energy infrastructure. A recent official report by the Central Bank of Yemen said the January-August crude exports dropped to 11 million barrels, down by around 5 million barrels from last year

Power returns to Yemen capital after 48-hour outage
(Yemen Post Staff) - 2014-11-03
  Electricity returned late on Saturday night to Yemeni cities including the capital Sanaa after a more than 48-hour outage. An official from the Electricity and Energy Ministry said the authorities fixed damages to power pylons on the outskirts of Sanaa following attacks in the past few days

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