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Yemen's Saleh Still Acting Presidential in Threat to Gulf Peace Agreement
(Bloomberg) - 2011-11-30
Last week, Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh pardoned those who committed “stupiditiesâ€

Yemen's Saleh Still Acting Presidential in Risk to Gulf Accord
(BusinessWeek) - 2011-11-30
Dec. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Last week, Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh pardoned those who committed “stupiditiesâ€

25 injured in fighting between opposition protesters, separatists in south Yemen
(Shanghai Daily (subscription)) - 2011-11-30
SANAA, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- At least 25 people were wounded in fierce fighting flared late Wednesday in a sit-in square in Yemen' s southeast province of Hadramout between protesters demanding President Ali Abdullah Saleh's prosecution and

Suspected al Qaeda militants killed in Yemen clashes, officials say
(CNN) - 2011-11-30
(CNN) -- At least 11 suspected al Qaeda militants were killed in Yemen's southern province of Abyan in clashes that erupted Tuesday night and continued for at least 14 hours, according to officials and local residents. A senior security official in

Thousands rally in Yemen for renewed independence
(Business Recorder (blog)) - 2011-11-30
Thousands of Yemenis rallied in the main southern city of Aden on Wednesday to call for secession from the north as they commemorated the day the formerly independent south won freedom from Britain. "The people want to liberate the south," the

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Hadi to Iran: "reconsider your policies" for Yemen ...
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-09-06 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-06 20:12:00 GMT

Yemen's Transition President Abdo Rabbu Mansour Hadi called on Iran on Saturday to reconsider its policies toward Yemen through adopting wise approaches taking into account the interest of the whole people of the country not only a group of them, state media reported. Hadi reiterated at a meeting with politicians, social and tribal dignitaries that there are regional countries seeking to destabilize Yemen and burn its capital city of Sanaa after Damascus and Baghdad coinciding with escalating
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

"Army will not stay idle in attempts to destabilize Yemen", Defense Minister
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-09-06 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-06 20:12:00 GMT

Yemen's Defense Minister Mohammed Nasser Ahmed said on Saturday the armed forces will not stay idle if an individual or a group takes weapons to destabilize the country. At a speech to the Special Forces, the minister said the Yemeni army will face all acts of terrorists and sabotage strictly and relentlessly, while he urged all the forces to be alert to face any dangers
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

Al-Qaeda Claims Capture of Senior Intelligence Official in Yemen ...
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-09-06 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-06 14:10:00 GMT

A Yemeni senior security official belonging to the National Security Bureau in Hadramout was capture by Al-Qaeda, claimed a statement published by Ansar Al-Sharia, a local branch of AQAP in Yemen, dated September 2nd. "By the ongoing efforts of the Mujahideen [Islamic Fighters] in fighting against the operation rooms and spy networks which contribute to support the operations of U
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

Arab League urges Yemeni factions "positive response to efforts to end crisis"
(Yemen Post Newspaper) 2014-09-05 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-04 23:11:00 GMT

  The Arab League affirmed on Thursday its commitment to backing Yemen's unity, stability and power transition while urging all factions including the Houthi rebels to avoid escalation and to respond positively to the national solution initiative in order to put an end to the current crisis. In a statement at the conclusion of the 142nd ordinary session in Cairo, the League also stressed the importance that all Yemeni factions adhere to the consensual outcomes of the comprehensive
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

Khat a reason for soaring unemployment among Yemeni youths, Minister
(Yemen Post Newspaper) 2014-09-05 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-04 23:11:00 GMT

  Minister of Youths and Sports, Moamar Al-Eryani, said on Thursday that chewing Khat affects productivity among the Yemeni youths while urging to avoid such a habit. "Khat is a key reason for increasing unemployment among the youths and is considered one of the biggest challenges faced in Yemen," he said at the launch of a campaign to raise awareness about effects of Khat on pregnants and mothers
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

Total E&P Yemen Sponsors Aman Awareness Campaign
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-09-05 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-04 23:11:00 GMT

Total E&P Yemen is sponsoring for the second year the Aman Awareness Campaign organized by Yemen Without Qat Foundation. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the health risks to pregnant and lactating women and infants caused by chewing qat such as malnutrition of which negatively affects the normal growth of fetus and mothers health
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

Kidnapped Saudi diplomat in Yemen appeals for Release
(Yemen Post Newspaper) 2014-09-05 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-04 23:10:00 GMT

  A Saudi diplomat kidnapped in Yemen by Al-Qaeda, since 2012, has appeared in a two-minutes video appealing his people to negotiate his release, a video posted Tuesday on Al-Qaeda' Al-Malahem media network.   The Vice Consul of Saudi in Aden Abdullah Al-Khalidi plead his Saudi tribe in particular to call for his release and appealed for the fifth time to the "Saudi people" to consider his condition and free women prisoners in Saudi Arabia arrested on the charges of
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

Yemeni Poet Translates Bob Marley song to Arabic as Poem
(Yemen Post Newspaper) 2014-09-04 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-03 23:11:00 GMT

Yemeni poet Mohamed AbdulSalam Mansoor, 68, is one of the most respected poets in the country. He has a list of success stories over the years when it comes to Yemeni poetry and literature. But very few of us know that he has accomplished one of the most difficult tasks for a poet; translating songs of a number of international artists into Arabic in the form of poetry when read in Arabic
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

Yemen Holds Funeral of the 14 Soldiers Killed By Al-Qaeda in Hadramout
(Yemen Post Newspaper) 2014-09-03 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-03 20:10:00 GMT

  Top government officials marched today in a funeral of the 14 soldiers who were killed by al-Qaeda militants in the eastern Hadramout province last month. The procession was headed by the Defense Minister Gen. Mohammed Nasser Ahmed and Chief of Staff Gen. Ahmad Al-Ashwal and attended by officials and local and relatives of the victims and the scores of citizens who condemned such crime which they described as "perfidious"
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

3 Yemenis arrested as Saudi Arabia dismantles large cells of would-be terrorists
(Yemen Post Newspaper) 2014-09-03 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-03 20:10:00 GMT

  Saudi Interior Ministry announced on Tuesday the arrest of tens of would-be terrorists including 84 Saudi nationals and 3 Yemenis, Saudi media reported. A spokesperson for the ministry was quoted as saying the arrests took place while the would-be terrorists were planning to carry out attacks inside and outside the Saudi Kingdom
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

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