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(MarebPress) - 2008-11-14
  WASHINGTON , DC – The National Democratic Institute (NDI) calls upon all parties in Yemen to work together to overcome the current impasse over the election law and election administration to ensure that the people of Yemen can experience well-managed and representative multi-party elections in 2009

Red Cross seeks better access to northern Yemen ...
(MarebPress) - 2008-08-09
Aid workers are struggling to reach needy people uprooted by conflict in northern Yemen, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Friday. The neutral humanitarian organisation estimated that 15,500 displaced people are living in difficult conditions in camps near Saada city, and that thousands more are scattered around areas that are hard to access

Al-Houthi confirms commitment to peace conditions ...
(MarebPress) - 2008-08-07
    President Saleh received a letter from Abdul Malek al-Houthi confirming his commitment to the peace conditions set by the president Ali Abdullah Saleh.  Al Houthi said in a letter addressed to President Saleh and published by the army website, 26 September, Thursday, he is meeting all conditions for ending the war and bringing peace in the northern province of Sa'ada

Al Qaida leader in Yemen threatens to carry out more terrorist attacks ...
(MarebPress) - 2008-08-07
  An alleged Al Qaida leader in Yemen threatened this week to carry out more attacks in the country if his brothers were not released from prison.    "Your concern is our concern, your sadness is our sadness, you must know, we will never forget you," said Hamza Al Quaiti in a statement posted on an internet website Tuesday, addressing the men jailed in Yemen on terror charges

Governmental committee returns to Sa'ada to count damages ...
(MarebPress) - 2008-08-06
  The governmental committee assigned to evaluate and count the damages caused by the rebellion in Sa'ada province returned today to the Sa'ada, chaired by the Minister of Local Administration, Abdul Qadeer Hilal, and the Deputy of Prime Minister for Security and Stability affairs, Rashad al-Alimi, Minister of Defense, Mohammed Ahmed, and commander of the Eastern North region, Ali Muhsen al-Ahmer

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Director says militants have not taken over National Security in Yemen ... ...
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-09-25 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-25 17:11:00 GMT

  Director of the National Security System has denied that Houthi militants took over the system and released prisoners from it, state media reported as the militants continued to tighten grip on the capital. "There are no prisoners inside the system's jail and all offices within the system have not been raided and taken over by Houthis," Ali Al-Ahmadi was quoted as saying
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

Security Council urges new government in Yemen ...
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-09-24 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-24 17:11:00 GMT

  The UN Security Council urged Yemen to form a new government while calling on Houthi militants to evacuate public buildings in the capital city of Sanaa which have been seized in the past few days. The Council welcomed the peace and national partnership agreement which was signed by the government and the Zaidi Houthi Group on Sunday and urged to adhere to it terms
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

German family kidnapped in Yemen five years ago "confirmed dead" ...
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-09-24 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-23 23:11:00 GMT

  The German Foreign Office confirmed on Tuesday that a family which was captured in northern Yemen five years ago is dead, media reports said. Spokesperson for the family, Reinhard Poetschke, revealed that his country's foreign ministry told relatives of the family that Johannes, the father, Sabine, the mother and their son Simon Hentschel were dead or killed after their kidnapping in Yemen
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

Yemen approves new fuel price as from tonight ...
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-09-24 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-23 23:11:00 GMT

  Yemen will start tonight selling fuels for new prices after a peace deal signed by the government and Houthi militants called for further lowering the recently hiked prices. State media quoted Yemen Petroleum Company as saying that the new price of 20 liters of petrol and diesel is now 3000 Yemeni Rials, around
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

WSJ: Militants in Yemen Seize State Offices, Force Premier to Resign ...
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-09-24 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-23 23:10:00 GMT

    BY MARIA ABI-HABIB in Beirut and HAKIM ALMASAMRI in Sana'a, Yemen   Shiite militants took over much of Yemen's capital on Sunday, prompting the prime minister's resignation and forcing a deal to form a new government. For the complete story, visit the WSJ link below: http://online
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

Link: CNN interviews Hakim Almasmari on Yemen Government & Houthi deal
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-09-24 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-23 23:10:00 GMT

  CNN interviews Yemen Post Editor Hakim Almasmari discussing the future of Yemen's politics after a ceasefire deal between the government and Houthis in "Connect The World" with Becky. Below is the link:
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

MSF supports public and private hospitals in Sanaa ...
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-09-24 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-23 23:10:00 GMT

  MSF has responded to the increasing needs of public and private hospitals in Sanaa due to the recent conflict and has made medical donations to the Yemeni Red Crescent as well as three hospitals in Sanaa.   The donations were made to Al-Kuwait public hospital, Al-Moayad private hospital; Dhula Hospital as well as the Yemeni Red Crescent included dressing kits for over 350 patients, medications and anesthesia drugs and other materials
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

Houthi says militants will not withdraw from Yemen capital ... ...
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-09-24 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-23 23:10:00 GMT

  Leader of the Zaidi Houthi Militant Group said on Tuesday he will not order his loyalists to withdraw from Yemen's capital city of Sanaa which fell in the hands of the militants after a UN-brokered peace deal. In a televised speech on the Houthi-run Almasirah Channel, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi affirmed that his loyalists, given the name of popular committees, will stay in the capital to prevent any attempts to coup against the new political landscape
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

AQAP claims responsibility for deadly bombing on Yemen border ... ...
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-09-23 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-23 11:10:00 GMT

  Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula AQAP has claimed its responsibility for the bombing which killed tens of Houthi militants on the Yemeni-Saudi border on Monday. AQAP said on its Twitter page that one of its militants detonated an explosives-laden car while Houthi militants were gathering in the Boq'a crossing on the border
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

Urgent Appeal to save lives of 8 Suhail TV staff and its HQ from Houthi militias ...
(Yemen Post Newspaper) 2014-09-23 - Retrieved at: 2014-09-22 23:10:00 GMT

  Sana’a (Sept. 22 2014): Freedom Foundation (FF) for media freedom, rights and development is sending this URGENT APPEAL to all human rights, media freedom and humanitarian organizations to take urgent action to save lives of about 8 staff of Suhail private TV channel and protecting its headquarter which stormed by Al-Houthi Rebel militia today afternoon
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

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