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IFJ urges Yemeni VP to end harassment against newspaper staff
(NewsYemen) - 2012-01-04
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) on Tuesday condemned the harassment and intimidation of journalists at the government-owned and army-controlled 26 September newspaper, and wrote to Yemen's Vice-President Abdu Raboo Mansour Hadi calling on him to order an end to the threats against these journalists

Yemen's 280km march to arrive in Sana'a Saturday
( Five Yemeni protesters were wounded by gunmen loyal to President Saleh in northern the capital Sana'a on Friday.) - 2011-12-23
Thousands of youth on Friday morning marched from Change Square in Sana'a toward Naqeel Yasleh, northern Sana'a, to welcome a massive foot march, called “March of Life”, coming from Taiz, almost 280 km from Sana'a. When Sana'a march arrived in Kahaza area Friday afternoon some gunmen opened fire and threw stones at the march, wounding five marchers, three with live bullets and two others with stones

Bloodshed continues in Yemen's Taiz
( One woman and two children were killed in renewed shelling of neighborhoods in the city of Taiz by forces loyal to the honorable President Ali Abdullah Saleh at dawn on Sunday.) - 2011-12-04
Saleh signed the Gulf initiative in Riyadh in November 23 and transferred powers to Vice President Abdo Rabo Hadi to begin forming a national consensus government and a military committee to end violence against protesters and civilians in several cities within five days after the signing of the initiative and its implementation mechanism

UNICEF says 109 children killed in Yemen
( UNICEF said continued conflicts and political struggles throughout Yemen have led to a widespread and deep humanitarian crisis, especially for children and women.) - 2011-11-22
Since the beginning of civil unrest, a total of 109 children have been killed in Yemen and close to 300 injured by shootings or shrapnel. Malnutrition rates in some parts of the country have become extremely high, and fewer and fewer children are receiving basic immunizations, while schools, which should be safe havens for children, are either closed or occupied by armed forces

Yemeni forces shell residential locations in Sana'a, kill 7-year girl
( A 7-year girl was killed and other five other were wounded when a shell fired by forces loyal to President Saleh fell near her school in the capital Sana'a Sunday morning.) - 2011-10-02
The family of Maram Saeed Bashir told News Yemen that Maram was killed by a shell that fell outside her Salahaddin School on the 16 Meter Street in Sana'a, almost 200 meters from protesters square. Eyewitnesses told News Yemen that forces loyal to President Saleh shelled with heavy weapons some locations of the pro-revolution 1st Armored Division in an attempt to retake control of those locations that the 1st Armored Division took over after Saleh's forces attacked protesters in

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Yemen, USA discuss academic education cooperation
(SANA'A, April 23 (Saba)) 2014-04-23 - Retrieved at: 2014-04-23 20:10:00 GMT

[23/ÃÈÑíá/2014] SANA'A, April 23 (Saba) - Yemen and the USA discussed here on Wednesday the bilateral cooperation relations in the academic education filed. During their meeting, Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Hisham Sharaf and US embassy Chargé d'affaires in Yemen Karen Sasahara reviewed the mutual cooperation in support of the Ministry's efforts to develop educational programs in the Yemeni universities in order to improve its outcomes
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

What Happened When The U.S. Dropped Drones On Al-Qaeda In Yemen This Weekend
(Yemen Online) 2014-04-23 - Retrieved at: 2014-04-23 17:21:00 GMT
yemenonline_eng photo
Apr.23,2014The United States and Yemen pounded al-Qaeda targets for three days earlier this week across governorates in southern Yemen, in another controversial escalation of the U.S. drone campaign against al-Qaeda in Yemen. The operation, which is the most sustained in more than four years, included drone strikes on vehicles, apparent air raids on a suspected al-Qaeda training camp, and a Yemeni ground offensive
[source: Yemen Online]

Gunmen Kill 4 Yemen Security Officers
(Yemen Online) 2014-04-23 - Retrieved at: 2014-04-23 17:21:00 GMT
yemenonline_eng photo
Apr.23,2014Officials in Yemen say four security officers were killed in a series of suspected militant attacks over the past two days. Three of the killings were carried out in the capital Sanaa by men riding on motorcycles. The attacks follow aerial strikes that killed 55 al-Qaida militants in southern Yemen
[source: Yemen Online]

Official: Extensive U.S. involvement in anti-terror operation in Yemen
(Yemen Online) 2014-04-23 - Retrieved at: 2014-04-23 17:21:00 GMT
yemenonline_eng photo
Apr.23,2014The United States offered extensive assistance beyond drone strikes during a massive anti-terror operation in Yemen, including flying Yemeni commandos to a site where they killed scores of suspected al Qaeda members, a U.S. official said.U.S. Special Operations troops wore night-vision gear and flew Yemeni forces to a remote, mountainous spot insouthern Yemen, according to a senior U
[source: Yemen Online]

Yemen Examines DNA of Slain Al-Qaida Militants
(Yemen Online) 2014-04-23 - Retrieved at: 2014-04-23 17:21:00 GMT
yemenonline_eng photo
Apr.23,2014A high ranking security official says this week's Yemeni government campaign against al-Qaida aimed at targeting its top leaders and that authorities are examining DNA samples of those killed to determine their identities.The official told The Associated Press on Wednesday, "let's wait and see" for the results of the DNA test, declining to give names of leaders who were targeted
[source: Yemen Online]

Hadi chairs meeting of Supreme Security Committee and Supreme Economic Council
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2014-04-23 - Retrieved at: 2014-04-23 17:11:00 GMT

[23/ÃÈÑíá/2014] SANA'A, April 23 (Saba)- President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi chaired on Wednesday an exceptional meeting of the Supreme Security Committee and Supreme Economic Council. During the meeting he discussed a number of economic and security issues from various aspects. He also reviewed the nature of security situation and the nature of confrontation carried out by Yemen's forces of counter-terrorism unit against al-Qaeda militants "Ansar al-Shareah'' in a number of Yemeni
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

CDC to begin constitution's initial drafting soon
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2014-04-23 - Retrieved at: 2014-04-23 17:11:00 GMT

[23/ÃÈÑíá/2014] SANA'A, April 23 (Saba)- The Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) approved in its meeting on Wednesday the formation of three groups to start the initial drafting of the Constitution. Each of the three groups will be tasked with reviewing and drafting the same topic and then presenting it to the general meeting of the CDC for discussion and initial approval
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

Joint Press Release: The Embassy of Japan andUNHCR distribute UNIQLO clothes to people in need in Yemen
(Yemen Post Staff) 2014-04-23 - Retrieved at: 2014-04-23 17:11:00 GMT

The Embassy of Japan and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have distributed today in Sana’a the clothes donated by Japanese citizens to Yemeni families in need. Over 200,000 clothes arriving from Japan through UNIQLO, a famed Japanese garment retailer, are to be distributed to over 63,000 individuals in Yemen, in collaboration with the Yemeni Government and UNHCR
[source: Yemen Post Newspaper]

Arrangements for 7th meeting of Yemen Friends discussed
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2014-04-23 - Retrieved at: 2014-04-23 17:10:00 GMT

[23/ÃÈÑíá/2014] SANA'A, April 23 (Saba)- Foreign Minister Dr. Abu Bakr al-Qirbi met here on Wednesday with ambassadors and representatives of the member states and organizations in the Group of Friends of Yemen. The meeting dealt with the ongoing arrangements for convening the 7th meeting of the Group scheduled to be held in London on April 29
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

Yemen, Russia discuss enhancing military cooperation
(SANA'A, April 23 (Saba)) 2014-04-23 - Retrieved at: 2014-04-23 17:10:00 GMT

[23/ÃÈÑíá/2014] SANA'A, April 23 (Saba) - Defense Minister Mohammed Nasser Ahmed met here on Wednesday with Director General of the Department of Military Cooperation for the Middle East and North Africa in the Russian Defense Ministry Sergei Yurchenko. During the meeting attended by Russian ambassador to Yemen Vladimir Didohchin, Ahmed and Yurchenko discussed aspects of bilateral cooperation and partnership between the two friendly countries' armies and ways of boosting them
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

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