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News from Yemen News Agency (Saba)

Saudi Arabia highlights cooperation with Yemen, arrests 88 terror- suspects
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) - 2014-09-02
[02/ÓÈÊãÈÑ/2014] RIYADH, Sep. 2 (Saba) - Saudi Interior Ministry highlighted security cooperation between Yemen and Saudi Arabia in fields of fighting terrorism and drugs and weapons smuggling. "Coordination and cooperation between Saudi and Yemeni security apparatus are excellent and are continuing for serving the interests of all," said the Security Spokesperson in Saudi Interior Ministry Brigadier Mansour al-Turki

President Hadi approves national initiative to end Houthi escalation
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) - 2014-09-02
[02/ÓÈÊãÈÑ/2014] SANA'A, September 2 (Saba)- President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi chaired on Tuesday a wide-range assembly with members of the government, Parliament and Shura Council, representatives of political parties and civil society organizations, and social figures in Sana'a to discuss a national initiative to end the current standoff due to the Houthi escalation

President Hadi meets with G10 ambassadors on latest developments
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) - 2014-09-02
[02/ÓÈÊãÈÑ/2014] SANA'A, September 2 (Saba) - President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi on Tuesday met with G10 ambassadors sponsoring the Gulf initiative and briefed them on the latest developments in the country in light of the national initiative presented by the Presidential Committee which held negotiations with Abdul-Malik al-Houthi over the current Houthi escalation

We hope security and stability prevail in Yemen: Saudi Crown Prince
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) - 2014-09-02
[02/ÓÈÊãÈÑ/2014] PARIS,Sep.02(Saba)- Saudi Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud has expressed his country's concern about the deteriorating security situation in Yemen in light of the acts aimed at undermining the political process. The Saudi News Agency quoted the Prince Salman as saying, during a dinner hosted by French President François Hollande at Élysée Palace in Paris on Monday, " We hope that security and stability would prevail in Yemen and the

USA contributes mln to fight hunger in Yemen
(SANA'A, Sep. 02 (Saba)) - 2014-09-02
[02/ÓÈÊãÈÑ/2014] SANA'A, Sep. 02 (Saba) - The World Food Programme (WFP) welcomed on Tuesday a generous US million contribution from the US government to provide food assistance for 2.8 million of the poorest Yemenis over the next few months. According to a press release, WFP said that the contribution comprises US million in cash for the innovative e-voucher project, which WFP provides when food is available in the market but is out of reach for the poor

More from Yemen News Agency (Saba)

Thousands of teachers protest before cabinet
(Sahwa Net) 2010-03-02 - Retrieved at: 2010-03-03 03:10:00 GMT
alsahwa_eng photo
Sahwa Net- Thousands of Yemeni teachers staged strikes in the Yemeni capital , Sana'a, and most provinces, demanding the implementing of a salary and wage law. Teachers chanted against what they described disregard and derogation of their legal rights, demanding all syndicates and associations to participate in their protests
[source: Sahwa Net]

CPJ: Yemen is one of the most repressive countries
(Sahwa Net) 2010-02-20 - Retrieved at: 2010-02-20 21:10:00 GMT
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Sahwa Net- Committee for Protecting Journalists has said that Yemen became one of the most repressive countries in the region for the press, pointing out that journalists covering clashes in the restive south faced severe restrictions. The report said government repression reached its peak in May as the Yemeni authorities barred eight newspapers from distribution, several papers faced criminal charges, and one paper came under direct attack from state security agents
[source: Sahwa Net]

Woman killed in in Rada'a over tribal clashes
(Sahwa Net) 2010-02-18 - Retrieved at: 2010-02-19 00:10:00 GMT
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Sahwa Net- Tribal clashes in Rada'a district of al-Baida governorate has led to the killing of a woman on Thursday, local sources said. The sources affirmed that the clashes are still ongoing between al-Nawsir and al-Masaod clans, pointing out that all mediation efforts failed to end the clashes
[source: Sahwa Net]

Al-Houthi rebels release two Saudi soldiers
(Sahwa Net) 2010-02-18 - Retrieved at: 2010-02-18 21:10:00 GMT
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Sahwa Net- Al-Houthi rebels in Yemen handed over on Thursday two Saudi soldiers to mediators, according to Yemen's defence ministry. The released soldiers will be received by Saudi Assistant Defence Minister Prince Khaled bin Sultan this evening, a Saudi military official told AFP. The Houthi insurgents freed on Monday the first of five soldiers captured during three months of clashes on the Yemeni-Saudi borders
[source: Sahwa Net]

JMP calls for protesting Wednesday
(Sahwa Net) 2008-08-06 - Retrieved at: 2009-01-26 21:06:49 GMT
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JMP calls for protesting Wednesday Sahwa Net- The Joint Meeting Parties have called for staging a sit-in in Taiz province on Wednesday in order to demand releasing all political prisoners and stopping militarizing of political life . It explained in a press release that it had informed the concerned authorities about this peaceful protests , calling on all citizens to take part
[source: Sahwa Net]

130,000 people were displaced by Houthi Movement
(Sahwa Net) 2013-05-21 - Retrieved at: 2013-05-21 17:11:00 GMT

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA The rights and free team of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) heard delegates of Saada in NDC and demanded to put an end to " crimes" committed by the Houthi Movement against people of Saada
[source: Sahwa Net]

Yemen denies presence of foreign forces
(Sahwa Net) 2013-05-21 - Retrieved at: 2013-05-21 14:10:00 GMT

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA MicrosoftInternetExplorer4  Yemen's defense minister has denied that there are foreign forces on its soil to fight terrorism, pointing out that Yemen's army could defeat terrorists in Abyan, Shabwah and al-Baidha and
[source: Sahwa Net]

Yemen secures World Bank cash for more public finance reforms
(Sahwa Net) 2013-05-20 - Retrieved at: 2013-05-20 20:12:00 GMT

[source: Sahwa Net]

Islah condemns violations committed by Houthi Movement
(Sahwa Net) 2013-05-19 - Retrieved at: 2013-05-19 20:11:00 GMT

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA MicrosoftInternetExplorer4   Alsahwah
[source: Sahwa Net]

Russian companies to invest in Yemen
(Sahwa Net) 2013-05-19 - Retrieved at: 2013-05-19 20:10:00 GMT

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The Russian Ambassador to Yemen Sergey Kozlof affirmed on Sunday that a number of Russian companies will come to Yemen next month in invest in the county,  pointing out that Gazprom is among
[source: Sahwa Net]

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