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(MarebPress) - 2008-11-14
  WASHINGTON , DC – The National Democratic Institute (NDI) calls upon all parties in Yemen to work together to overcome the current impasse over the election law and election administration to ensure that the people of Yemen can experience well-managed and representative multi-party elections in 2009

Red Cross seeks better access to northern Yemen ...
(MarebPress) - 2008-08-09
Aid workers are struggling to reach needy people uprooted by conflict in northern Yemen, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Friday. The neutral humanitarian organisation estimated that 15,500 displaced people are living in difficult conditions in camps near Saada city, and that thousands more are scattered around areas that are hard to access

Al-Houthi confirms commitment to peace conditions ...
(MarebPress) - 2008-08-07
    President Saleh received a letter from Abdul Malek al-Houthi confirming his commitment to the peace conditions set by the president Ali Abdullah Saleh.  Al Houthi said in a letter addressed to President Saleh and published by the army website, 26 September, Thursday, he is meeting all conditions for ending the war and bringing peace in the northern province of Sa'ada

Al Qaida leader in Yemen threatens to carry out more terrorist attacks ...
(MarebPress) - 2008-08-07
  An alleged Al Qaida leader in Yemen threatened this week to carry out more attacks in the country if his brothers were not released from prison.    "Your concern is our concern, your sadness is our sadness, you must know, we will never forget you," said Hamza Al Quaiti in a statement posted on an internet website Tuesday, addressing the men jailed in Yemen on terror charges

Governmental committee returns to Sa'ada to count damages ...
(MarebPress) - 2008-08-06
  The governmental committee assigned to evaluate and count the damages caused by the rebellion in Sa'ada province returned today to the Sa'ada, chaired by the Minister of Local Administration, Abdul Qadeer Hilal, and the Deputy of Prime Minister for Security and Stability affairs, Rashad al-Alimi, Minister of Defense, Mohammed Ahmed, and commander of the Eastern North region, Ali Muhsen al-Ahmer

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Aden University, UNHCR sign cooperation protocol
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2015-03-04 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-04 18:10:00 GMT

[04/ãÇÑÓ/2015] ADEN, March 04 (Saba) – The Refugees and Displaced Studies Center of the Faculty of Law at Aden University and the UNHCR office in Aden province signed on Wednesday a cooperation protocol. Under the protocol, the UNHCR will provide financial support for the center to organize training courses to promote legalities, qualify the Law Faculty cadres and develop the activities of the security and judicial organs in Aden
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

UNSC calls on political parties to reach political agreement
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2015-03-04 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-04 15:10:00 GMT

[04/ãÇÑÓ/2015] NEW YORK, March 04 (Saba) – The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) renewed on Wednesday its call for all political parties in Yemen to implement the Council's relevant resolutions, especially the resolution 2201. The council urged Yemeni political parties to reach a political agreement based on the Gulf initiative and the Peace and National Partnership Agreement (PNPA), confirming its respect to the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yemen
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

MSF's activities in Amran province discussed
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2015-03-04 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-04 15:10:00 GMT

[04/ãÇÑÓ/2015] AMRAN, March 04 (Saba) – The Governor of Amran province Faisal Ja'man discussed on Wednesday with a delegation of Medecins Sans Borders (MSF) of France the organization's activities in the province. The meeting touched on mechanisms to enhance the cooperation and develop the health services and the possibility of supporting health care services for motherhood and childhood and the health sector's programs
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

Yemen presides Asia-Pacific Group
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2015-03-04 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-04 12:10:00 GMT

[04/ãÇÑÓ/2015] NEW YORK, March 04 (Saba) – Yemen has presided the Asia-Pacific Group to the United Nation for the current round. After the delivery ceremony held Tuesday, Yemen's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Khalid al-Yamani expressed his appreciation over the efforts exerted by the Republic of Vanuatu representative during his presidency of the group for the last period
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

IED explosion kills three soldiers, one citizen in Hadramout
( 2015-03-03 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-04 00:10:00 GMT
almotamar_eng photo
- Three soldiers of the 135th Infantry Brigade in Hadramout were killed and two others wounded when a road-side explosive device exploded in al-Qaten in Hadramout on Tuesday, a military source said. One citizen was also killed and others injured in the terrorist incident, the source said
[source: Almotamar Net]

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